Munich, The structure of modal and semantic reasoning, 29 June, 2017.
Properties, Instantiation, and Paradox. 

Bologna, 3rd SILFS Meeting, 23 June 2017.
Abductivism and the standard for logical revision

Chieti, Proof-Theory Afternoon, April 11 2017.
Conceptual foundations: from semigroups to predicative analysis via reflection. 

Oxford, Fourth New College Logic Meeting (with Lorenzo Rossi), March 11 2017.
A unified approach to truth and implication. 

Bristol, Foundational Studies Seminar, March 8 2017.
What can we learn from reflecting on truth?

Utrecht, TF-Seminar, March 3 2017.
Logical pluralism and abductive methodology: a case from semantics.

Non-classical solutions to the paradoxes, Munich, February 27 2017.
Truth has to live up to its task. 

Workshop on Truth and Intensionality University of Amsterdam, December 2016. 
One more layer of intensionality for truth and modal notions?

Logic Colloquium, Leeds, August 4 2016. 
Transfinite induction ad reflection for some systems of truth in Basic De Morgan logic. 

Bristol-München Workshop on Truth, Bristol, June 10 2016. 
Capturing Classical Truth in De Morgan Logics

SILFS PostGraduate Conference, Urbino, May 30, 2016.  
Remarks on the role of truth-theoretic and non-semantic patterns of reasoning in nonclassical theories of truth. 

2nd FilMat Conference, Chieti, May 27.
Arithmetical Truth and Expressive Power. 

Logic and Philosophy of Science Seminar, Catholic University of Milan, 10-12 May 2016:

            12 May 2016:  Applications to strict finitism and semantic paradoxes. 
11 May 2016: Gödel's second theorem generalized.
10 May 2016: Arithmetic and arithmetization without exponentiation.

Munich, 13 Nov 2015.
Variations on Symmetry and Classical Patterns of Reasoning

Florence, 23 Oct 2015, Logic and Philosophy of Science Seminar.
 Strong Equivalence for Truth Predicates.